BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
christopherun.sh: Add exit at the end.Christophe Lyon21 months
masterrun.sh: Fix usage so that it prints info on all options.Christophe Lyon5 weeks
tcwg_bmkChanges for tcwg_bmk projectMaxim Kuvyrkov15 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-12-21run.sh: Fix usage so that it prints info on all options.HEADmasterChristophe Lyon
2018-12-19run.sh: Fix copying of remote sysrootChristophe Lyon
2018-10-31spec2xxx-config: Add $sysroot/usr/lib rpath.Christophe Lyon
2018-10-31spec2xxx-config: Fix detection of -funconstrained-commons option.Christophe Lyon
2018-10-30ssh-cc.sh: Add comments.Christophe Lyon
2018-10-30run.sh: Run spec2xxx-config in verbose mode.Christophe Lyon
2018-10-29spec2xxx-config: Add support for $sysroot/usr/lib*Christophe Lyon
2018-10-29Use -funconstrained-commons if supported.Christophe Lyon
2018-10-26spec2xxx-config: Scan $sysroot/lib64 only if it existsChristophe Lyon
2018-10-26spec2xxx-config: Fix typo in find command.Christophe Lyon