AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2015-03-19Remove noisy "Configuration Checking" messages when everything is OK.devYvan Roux
2015-03-19Check for ssh protocol for remote instead of git user.Yvan Roux
2015-03-18Add a Verification step before branch creation to compare originalYvan Roux
commit with the ongoing backport.
2015-03-18Add options to change devpt and ref branches (mainly for stackedYvan Roux
backports). -v gcc-version-number (default = 4.9) -r ref-branch-name (default = linaro-VERSION-branch) -b devpt-branch-name (default = ref-branch-name)
2015-03-13Don't update ChangeLog.linaro to avoid integration conflicts.Yvan Roux
ChangeLog contributions are in ChangeLog.frag files.
2015-03-13Add Configuration checking step:Yvan Roux
* git repo * gerrit
2015-03-13Add user's first name to the backport branch name.Yvan Roux
2015-02-25Fix English usageCharles Baylis
Alter prompts to read more naturally.
2015-02-25Use bold instead of white in message colouringCharles Baylis
In order to support use of backflip on terminals with both white and black backgrounds, use the control code for bold instead of the code for white in prompts and messages.
2015-02-25Allow user to control preferred editorCharles Baylis
If $EDITOR is defined in the environment, then don't override it.
2014-06-02Initial import of the backflip script.Yvan Roux