AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-03-19Remove noisy "Configuration Checking" messages when everything is OK.devYvan Roux
2015-03-19Check for ssh protocol for remote instead of git user.Yvan Roux
2015-03-18Add a Verification step before branch creation to compare originalYvan Roux
2015-03-18Add options to change devpt and ref branches (mainly for stackedYvan Roux
2015-03-13Don't update ChangeLog.linaro to avoid integration conflicts.Yvan Roux
2015-03-13Add Configuration checking step:Yvan Roux
2015-03-13Add user's first name to the backport branch name.Yvan Roux
2015-02-25Fix English usageCharles Baylis
2015-02-25Use bold instead of white in message colouringCharles Baylis
2015-02-25Allow user to control preferred editorCharles Baylis
2014-06-02Initial import of the backflip script.Yvan Roux