toolchain.git[no description]4 years
abe-extraconfigs.git[no description]6 months
abe-tests.git[no description]4 months
abe.gitABE5 days
backflip.gitHelpful script for Backports. 12 days
backport-tools.gitTools to help do/review backports.3 days
backports.git[no description]14 months
binutils-gdb.git19 min.
binutils-gdb.git.bk17 months
bmk-scripts.git[no description]3 days
cbuild2.gitcbuild216 months
cortex-malloc.gitmalloc test and benchmark suite 3 years
cortex-strings.gitOptimized string routines for ARM and AArch64 16 months
cross-build-tools.gitScripts to cross-build and cross-validate GCC using QEMU or the Foundation Model...3 months
dejagnu.gitLinaro mirror of upstream DejaGnu repository8 days
dmucs.gitdmucs3 years
eglibc.gitLinaro eglibc 4 years
expect.gitCurrent Expect from upstream with critical bug fixes not in any distribution yet...20 months
fakebench.gitfakebench2 years
gcc-compare-results.gitGCC results comparison scripts3 days
gcc.gitLinaro gcc mirror (git:// + linaro-local branches 79 min.
glibc.gitLinaro glibc 5 hours
jammer.git[no description]2 years
jenkins-scripts.git[no description]3 days
lavabench.gitlavabench2 years
llvm/clang-tools-extra.git[no description]6 hours
llvm/clang.git[no description]89 min.
llvm/compiler-rt.git[no description]3 hours
llvm/libcxx.git[no description]4 hours
llvm/libcxxabi.git[no description]6 weeks
llvm/libunwind.git[no description]69 min.
llvm/linaro-scripts.git[no description]2 weeks
llvm/lld.git[no description]29 min.
llvm/lldb.git[no description]49 min.
llvm/llvm.git[no description]9 min.
llvm/lnt.git[no description]13 days
llvm/openmp.git[no description]3 days
llvm/test-suite.git[no description]4 weeks
llvm/zorg.git[no description]2 days
luajit-aarch64.git[no description]18 months
new-repo.git[no description]18 months
newlib.git3 days
newlib.git.bkLinaro newlib 17 months
release-notes.gitToolchain WG components release notes 2 months
schroot-image-scripts.git[no description]16 months
semiautobench.git[no description]2 years
spec2xxx-utils.gitspec2xxx-utils8 months
tcwg-buildapp.git[no description]5 months
tcwg-jenkins.git16 months
tcwg-regression.git[no description]4 months
tcwg-release-tools.gitSet of tools for TCWG releasing purpose7 months
tcwgweb.gittcwgweb3 years