BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
erp-17.08linux: unixbench: fix a typo on logfile nameChase Qi7 months
erp-18.01sh-test-lib: Don't run apt-get update every timeDan Rue3 months
masterkselftest: skipfiles for qemu_x86_64 and qemu_arm64Naresh Kamboju38 hours
rpb-16.12test-definitions-rpb-16.12.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski15 months
2016.03test-definitions-2016.03.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski23 months
2016.01test-definitions-2016.01.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski2 years
2015.11test-definitions-2015.11.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski2 years
2015.09test-definitions-2015.09.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski2 years
2015.08test-definitions-2015.08.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski3 years
2015.07test-definitions-2015.07.tar.gz  Naresh Kamboju3 years
2015.06test-definitions-2015.06.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski3 years
2015.05test-definitions-2015.05.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski3 years
2015.04test-definitions-2015.04.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
38 hourskselftest: skipfiles for qemu_x86_64 and qemu_arm64HEADmasterNaresh Kamboju
2 daysMerge "plans: add more details to single page test plan renderer"Chase Qi
2 daysRevert "automated: workload-automation: allow for custom output path"Milosz Wasilewski
3 daysautomated: workload-automation: allow for custom output pathMilosz Wasilewski
3 daysautomated/linux/piglit: Remove verbose runAníbal Limón
3 daysLKFT: LTP: Skip gf18 on qemuDan Rue
3 daysplans: add more details to single page test plan rendererMilosz Wasilewski
3 daysplans: fix template indentationMilosz Wasilewski
4 daysMerge "Revert "kselftest: update Juno and Hikey 4.4 extra failures on 4.15 ba...Milosz Wasilewski
4 daysandroid: microbenchmarks: reducing logging during runVishal Bhoj