BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bhcopeland-patch-1Delete CODEOWNERSBenjamin Copeland15 months
erp-17.08linux: unixbench: fix a typo on logfile nameChase Qi7 years
erp-18.01sh-test-lib: Don't run apt-get update every timeDan Rue7 years
erp-18.06ERP: ltp: skip msgctl11Chase Qi6 years
kselftestMerge pull request #252 from nareshkamboju/kselftestmwasilew4 years
kselftest-5.1kselftest: skip hang test case test_progs on 4.19 branchNaresh Kamboju5 years
lib-disk-partition-formatlib: Add disk-partition-format library functionsNaresh Kamboju4 years
mastertest-runner.py: Fix spelling mistake in test_listThomas Böhler5 days
2024.05.01commit a8acf0b618...Anders Roxell4 weeks
2024.03.01commit 491dd1c801...Anders Roxell3 months
2024.02.01commit bb0d9f1d97...Anders Roxell4 months
2023.08.01commit 8b9aaacad5...Anders Roxell11 months
2023.06.01commit 85a05ee0ed...Anders Roxell12 months
2023.05.01commit aa724f0fe7...Anders Roxell13 months
2023.03.01commit d6768685f7...Anders Roxell15 months
2023.02.01commit a7e08f2e9a...Anders Roxell16 months
2023.01.02commit 34a59b65d3...Anders Roxell18 months
2023.01.01commit 2c5b452d1a...Anders Roxell18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daystest-runner.py: Fix spelling mistake in test_listHEADmasterThomas Böhler
5 daystest-runner.py: Fix wrapping output in helpThomas Böhler
5 daystest-runner.py: Fix spelling mistakes in helpThomas Böhler
5 daysautomated: linux: ltp: add support for the new kirk runnerAnders Roxell
5 daysautomated: linux: allow disabling custom variable in ota-updateMilosz Wasilewski
5 daysautomated: linux: reformat ota-rollback/download-update.shMilosz Wasilewski
5 daysautomated: linux: enable custom path for OTA rollback u-bootMilosz Wasilewski
7 daysspectre-meltdown-checker: Update to v0.46Chris Paterson
13 daysautomated: linux: fix factory-reset testMilosz Wasilewski
2024-05-21automated: linux: systemd-analyze: update descriptionAnders Roxell