BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
erp-17.08linux: unixbench: fix a typo on logfile nameChase Qi2 months
erp-18.01linux: ltp: skip min_free_kbytes on RPKChase Qi6 hours use pre-installed binary if being already installedChase Qi32 min.
rpb-16.12test-definitions-rpb-16.12.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski11 months
2016.03test-definitions-2016.03.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski19 months
2016.01test-definitions-2016.01.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski21 months
2015.11test-definitions-2015.11.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski23 months
2015.09test-definitions-2015.09.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski2 years
2015.08test-definitions-2015.08.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski2 years
2015.07test-definitions-2015.07.tar.gz  Naresh Kamboju2 years
2015.06test-definitions-2015.06.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski2 years
2015.05test-definitions-2015.05.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski2 years
2015.04test-definitions-2015.04.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
32 use pre-installed binary if being already installedHEADmasterChase Qi
2 daysandroid: tjbench: replace ratio units '%' with 'percent'Chase Qi
7 daysautomated:ltp: Add skips for fs and ltp testsDan Rue
8 daysutils: filter 'find /lava-*' output to get test directory onlyChase Qi
13 daysautomated: ltp: add x15 skip fileMilosz Wasilewski
13 add support for oreo androidYongqin Liu
14 dayslinux: ltp: skipfile-lkft-hikey: Skip fanotify07Dan Rue
2017-10-04linux: ltp: Add debug output (set -x)Dan Rue
2017-09-28andorid automated boottime: some improvementsYongqin Liu
2017-09-27android: set 'adb wait-for-device' timeout to 10 minutesChase Qi