AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-07-08Support trace-cmd report postprocessinglinaLina Iyer
2014-07-08Report cpuidle prediction accuracyLina Iyer
2014-07-01Add GPLv2 LICENSE file to allow distros to package this easierAmit Kucheria
2014-06-23Start preparing for a new versionAmit Kucheria
2014-06-23Allow idlestat to parse older versions of trace outputColin Ian King
2014-06-20Fix resource leak of directory stream on error return pathColin Ian King
2014-06-20Ensure we don't overwrite the end of irqinfo->nameColin Ian King
2014-06-20Fix memory leak on error exit pathColin Ian King
2014-06-20Give some feedback why idlestat fails to runColin Ian King
2014-06-19Fix bad check with waitpid.Daniel Lezcano
2014-06-19Fix resource leak on dir_topology, dir not being closedColin Ian King
2014-06-19Fix type of freq to unsigned intColin Ian King
2014-06-19Fix format specifier when reading cpu_info.core_idColin Ian King
2014-06-19Change TRACE_FORMAT %d 3rd format specifier to %uColin Ian King
2014-06-19Free memory on realloc failure.Colin Ian King
2014-06-19Fix file and memory resource leak on error exit in idlestat_loadColin Ian King
2014-06-19Update README to show how to invoke external commandsAmit Kucheria
2014-06-19Use execvpe instead of execve to allow command to be searched in $PATHAmit Kucheria
2014-06-09Bump up maximum allowed C-states and P-states (FIXME)Mohammad Merajul Islam Molla
2014-06-09Only trace mode needs root privilegesMohammad Merajul Islam Molla
2014-06-09Minor fixesMohammad Merajul Islam Molla
2014-06-03Lots of changes related to usage, bump the version to 0.3idlestat-0.3Amit Kucheria
2014-06-03Introduce --trace and --import modeAmit Kucheria
2014-06-03-o stands for output file when idlestat can take an input file as wellAmit Kucheria
2014-06-03kick the dump option off to use -z and release -m for laterAmit Kucheria
2014-06-03Print more details when fopen failsAmit Kucheria
2014-06-03Use the correct version in the log fileAmit Kucheria
2014-06-01idledebug? When did we ever call it that?Amit Kucheria
2014-06-01improve help - show all available optionsAmit Kucheria
2014-06-01struct option long_options doesn't need to be globalAmit Kucheria
2014-06-01Make getopt_long handling more robustAmit Kucheria
2014-06-01Stick to -d for debug according to widely used conventionAmit Kucheria
2014-06-01Specify which options need arguments and which don't to help getopt_long()Amit Kucheria
2014-06-01Adding missing 'duration' option in long_optionsAmit Kucheria
2014-06-01Sort options in alphabetic order of the single-char optionsAmit Kucheria
2014-06-01'verbose' option isn't used anywhere, remove itAmit Kucheria
2014-05-27idlestat: add timeout for the exec'ed commandDaniel Lezcano
2014-05-27idlestat: run a command with idlestatDaniel Lezcano
2014-04-14idlestat: Add Makefile CROSS_COMPILE supportChristian Muller
2014-04-10Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.linaro.org/tools/idlestatZoran Markovic
2014-04-09Populate the README file with basic information about the tool and its usageAmit Kucheria
2014-04-07Simplified error handling for cpuidle_cstate_name().Zoran Markovic
2014-04-02Launchpad bug 1300335: removed -c <state> option.Zoran Markovic
2014-03-31Changed state index to state name in idlestat dump.Zoran Markovic
2014-03-31Launchpad bug 1300311: removed unvisited C/P states from report.Zoran Markovic
2014-03-31Launchpad bug 1300307: dump all idle transitions by defaultZoran Markovic
2014-03-28Starting release candidate 2 (rc2) for version 0.3.Zoran Markovic
2014-03-28Launchpad bug 1298573: Fixed uninitialized event count, accounting P-statesZoran Markovic
2014-03-28Launchpad bug 1298856: Allow tool to run if cpufreq is not supported.Zoran Markovic
2014-03-23Fixed build warning on x86_64. Checkpatch cleanup.Zoran Markovic