AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-12Update the version number to v0.8HEADidlestat-0.8masterLisa Nguyen
2016-11-07Fix resource leak in energy_model.cLisa Nguyen
2016-11-07Fix resource leak in output_cstate_info() and build_cstate_info()Lisa Nguyen
2016-09-29Update documentation for idlestatLisa Nguyen
2016-09-29Fix the version number.idlestat-0.7Daniel Lezcano
2016-09-08Use %zu format specifier for size_t typesColin Ian King
2016-09-08Fix TRACE_IPIIRQ_FORMAT string format width overflow scan issueColin Ian King
2016-09-08fix memory leak in cpuidle_get_target_residency, free fpathAColin Ian King
2016-09-08topology: remove check for same cpuid cannot exist in 2 different coresColin Ian King
2016-09-08Replace deprecated readdir_r with readdirColin Ian King
2015-11-04initialise ret to 0, fixes an error found by static analysisidlestat-0.6Colin Ian King
2015-03-12add idlestat manual pageKoan-Sin Tan
2015-03-12Fix merge_pstatesTuukka Tikkanen
2015-03-10Handle offline cpus gracefullyTuukka Tikkanen
2015-03-10Topology: Remove unused structure memberTuukka Tikkanen
2015-03-10Topology: Make read_cpu_topo_info more robustTuukka Tikkanen
2015-03-10Topology: Match cpu names only if they begin with "cpu"Tuukka Tikkanen
2015-03-10energy_model: calculate number of cap and C states correctlyLarry Bassel
2015-01-22utils: Add missing va_end macros to verbose_(f)printfTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-22re-enable compile and run on Android platformKoan-Sin Tan
2015-01-22Add -Wunused-parameter to CFLAGSTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-22Simplify event counting while loading a traceTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-22Remove unused parameter cpu from write_cstate_infoTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-22Energy model: Remove unused parameter optionsTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-22Fix P-state calculationsTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-22Fix alignment for verbose energy model dataTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-21Idlestat: Add energy model for arm TC2idlestat-0.5Dietmar Eggemann
2015-01-21Energy model: Take out the wakeup energy from the energy calculationDietmar Eggemann
2015-01-21Energy model: Make energy file parsing work for TC2Dietmar Eggemann
2015-01-21Energy_model: Add cluster P-state calculation based on trace dataTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-21Energy_model: Don't add phony frequency to templateTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-21Idlestat: P-state calculations for cores and clustersTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-21Idlestat: Add command line options for managing trace bufferTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-15Idlestat: Fix core/cluster cstatesTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-13idlestat: Check return value in cpuidle_get_target_residencyTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-13Idlestat: Suppress static analysis false positivesTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-13Utils: Add missing va_start macrosTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-13Energy model: Do not exit() with a negative status codeTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-13Energy model: Check for error from idlestat_load correctlyTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-13Topology: Fix loop boundTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-07Document use of comparison mode until we get a real man pageAmit Kucheria
2015-01-07Keep program options sorted alphabetically making them easy to findAmit Kucheria
2015-01-07Add option -b as a short option for --baseline-traceAmit Kucheria
2015-01-05Idlestat: Update copyright boilerplates and bump version to 0.5Tuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-05idlestat: Remove unused functionsTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-05Idlestat: Calculate core/cluster data properlyTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-05Topology: Add functions for setting up loadtime cluster/core dataTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-05Topology: Add helper functions for cpu interactions in cluster/coreTuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-05Idlestat: Remove unused parameter count from store_data()Tuukka Tikkanen
2015-01-02Topology: Simplify ordered insertionTuukka Tikkanen