BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAEP: calibrate AEP for hikey960 01 and 02Vincent Guittot4 months
wa3_supportAEP: calibrate AEP for hikey01 and hikey02Vincent Guittot7 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-06-04AEP: calibrate AEP for hikey960 01 and 02HEADmasterVincent Guittot
2018-05-18Add AEP config file for db820c-01Lisa Nguyen
2018-02-28Add the AEP config files for HiKey960Lisa Nguyen
2018-02-27Add AEP config file for db410c-01Lisa Nguyen
2018-02-27parse aep: clean up and align code with devlibVincent Guittot
2018-02-12Add config-hikey-02-aep fileLisa Nguyen
2018-02-12Rename config-hikey-aep to config-hikey-01-aepLisa Nguyen
2018-02-07arm_energy_probe: cleanly close filesVincent Guittot
2018-02-07arm-energy-probe: fix record lenght limitationVincent Guittot
2018-02-06Remove unnecessary pass if AEP table is nullLisa Nguyen