BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterEnable building on arm64/aarch64Wookey10 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
10 daysEnable building on arm64/aarch64HEADmasterWookey
10 daysTurn off DH_VERBOSE in rulesWookey
10 daysMake top-level README into debian patch - it's not part of upstream sourceWookey
10 daysMove dtb patches into debian patches dir, not part of upstream sourceWookey
10 daysEnsure that module versoin is still 16.0, when package is 16.0+pristineWookey
10 daysUse upstream source layoutWookey
10 daysSplit build-on-linux-4.14 into 4 separate patches to go in patches dirWookey
2018-01-26Add patch to enable builds against kernel 4.14Wookey
2018-01-25remove spurious install file - dh_install is in rules.Wookey
2018-01-03Add a Debian.source file for where the downloads came fromWookey