BranchCommit messageAuthorAge New releaseNatalia Dobrovolskaya8 years releasing 0.20.66-2Adrian Yanes8 years releasing 0.20.66-3Adrian Yanes8 years releasing 0.20.71-2Adrian Yanes8 years releasing 0.20.71-3Adrian Yanes8 years releasing 0.20.71-4Adrian Yanes8 years releasing 0.20.71-5Adrian Yanes8 years releasing 0.20.72-1Adrian Yanes8 years releasing 0.20.73-1Adrian Yanes8 years
masterFixes: failed ut_mcomponentcache.Ning Chi8 years
0.20.76-1libmeegotouch-0.20.76-1.tar.gz  Tobias Koch8 years
0.20.75-1libmeegotouch-0.20.75-1.tar.gz  Adrian Yanes8 years
0.20.74-1libmeegotouch-0.20.74-1.tar.gz  Adrian Yanes8 years
0.20.71-5libmeegotouch-0.20.71-5.tar.gz  Adrian Yanes8 years
0.20.71-4libmeegotouch-0.20.71-4.tar.gz  Adrian Yanes8 years
0.20.73-1libmeegotouch-0.20.73-1.tar.gz  Adrian Yanes8 years
0.20.72-1libmeegotouch-0.20.72-1.tar.gz  Adrian Yanes8 years
0.20.71-3libmeegotouch-0.20.71-3.tar.gz  Adrian Yanes8 years
0.20.71-2libmeegotouch-0.20.71-2.tar.gz  Adrian Yanes8 years
0.20.71-1libmeegotouch-0.20.71-1.tar.gz  Adrian Yanes8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2011-01-25Fixes: failed ut_mcomponentcache.HEADmasterNing Chi
2011-01-25Changes: New signal activeWindowOrientationAngleAboutToChange() in MInputMeth...Ning Chi
2011-01-25Fixes: NB#219747 - music-suite rendering ~10 frames per second while playing ...Joaquim Rocha
2011-01-25Changes: MScalableImage: Remove cached pixmap from QPixmapCache manuallyPeter Penz
2011-01-25Changes: Clear the pixmap cache when the window is not shown on the display a...Peter Penz
2011-01-25Fixes: NB#218558 - Rotating device while application menu is activated re-ena...Jukka Halonen
2011-01-25Fixes: NB#217955 - Seek bar slider flickers when video starts playbackMiguel Gómez
2011-01-25Fixes: NB#211829 - Not able to see a contact list when using completerNing Chi
2011-01-25Changes: MTextEditView: cosmetic: remove unused codeHannu Koivisto
2011-01-25Fixes: NB#210695, Widgets gallery is crashing when tapped on the paste button...Hannu Koivisto