BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.1.0-linaro1.1.0 + Mandeep Kumars work dated May 25th, part 2Tom Gall8 years
1.1.1-linaro add compile and assembler options for simd codeTom Gall8 years
1.1.1-linaro-androidMerge patches from Mans RullgardTom Gall8 years
1.2-beta-linaro-andoidPull in and lightly rework 565 and 8888 optimizations previously authored by ...Tom Gall7 years
androidMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/1.2-beta-linaro-andoid' into androidTom Gall7 years
android-95ed21e84965f859da0792558742f9cbf9d4ac7aRemove config.h since it was conflicting with other AndroidTom Gall7 years
linaro-androidFix another merge error from the git rebaseTom Gall7 years
mastersync to as released debian control files and such for the packageTom Gall7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2011-12-23sync to as released debian control files and such for the packageHEADmasterTom Gall
2011-12-22Add program that demonstrates how to check for the existence of the colorspac...Tom Gall
2011-12-22r732 : Added new alpha channel colorspace constants/pixel formats, so applica...Tom Gall
2011-12-22r731 : Add LIBJPEG_TURBO_VERSION macro for checking the libjpeg-turbo version...Tom Gall
2011-12-22r730 : which = thatTom Gall
2011-12-22r727 : Fixed non-fatal out-of-bounds read in SSE2 SIMD code reported by valgr...Tom Gall
2011-12-22r725 : Expose NASM variable in ccmakeTom Gall
2011-12-22NASM automatically adds the current directory to the include path, but YASM d...Tom Gall
2011-12-22r723 : 1.2.0Tom Gall
2011-12-22r722Tom Gall