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Merge branches 'pci/aspm', 'pci/dpc', 'pci/hotplug', 'pci/misc', 'pci/msi', 'pci/pm' and 'pci/virtualization' into next
* pci/aspm: PCI/ASPM: Remove redundant check of pcie_set_clkpm * pci/dpc: PCI: Remove DPC tristate module option PCI: Bind DPC to Root Ports as well as Downstream Ports PCI: Fix whitespace in struct dpc_dev PCI: Convert Downstream Port Containment driver to use devm_* functions * pci/hotplug: PCI: Allow additional bus numbers for hotplug bridges * pci/misc: PCI: Include <asm/dma.h> for isa_dma_bridge_buggy PCI: Make bus_attr_resource_alignment static MAINTAINERS: Add file patterns for PCI device tree bindings PCI: Fix comment typo * pci/msi: PCI/MSI: irqchip: Fix PCI_MSI dependencies * pci/pm: PCI: pciehp: Ignore interrupts during D3cold PCI: Document connection between pci_power_t and hardware PM capability PCI: Add runtime PM support for PCIe ports ACPI / hotplug / PCI: Runtime resume bridge before rescan PCI: Power on bridges before scanning new devices PCI: Put PCIe ports into D3 during suspend PCI: Don't clear d3cold_allowed for PCIe ports PCI / PM: Enforce type casting for pci_power_t * pci/virtualization: PCI: Add ACS quirk for Solarflare SFC9220 PCI: Add DMA alias quirk for Adaptec 3805 PCI: Mark Atheros AR9485 and QCA9882 to avoid bus reset PCI: Add function 1 DMA alias quirk for Marvell 88SE9182