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- This can be acked by invoking async_tx_ack()
- If set, does not mean descriptor can be reused
+ - If set, the descriptor can be reused after being completed. It should
+ not be freed by provider if this flag is set.
+ - The descriptor should be prepared for reuse by invoking
+ dmaengine_desc_set_reuse() which will set DMA_CTRL_REUSE.
+ - dmaengine_desc_set_reuse() will succeed only when channel support
+ reusable descriptor as exhibited by capablities
+ - As a consequence, if a device driver wants to skip the dma_map_sg() and
+ dma_unmap_sg() in between 2 transfers, because the DMA'd data wasn't used,
+ it can resubmit the transfer right after its completion.
+ - Descriptor can be freed in few ways
+ - Clearing DMA_CTRL_REUSE by invoking dmaengine_desc_clear_reuse()
+ and submitting for last txn
+ - Explicitly invoking dmaengine_desc_free(), this can succeed only
+ when DMA_CTRL_REUSE is already set
+ - Terminating the channel
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