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M_wipwip: re-base config files for db410c on junoSumit Semwal2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-12-14wip: re-base config files for db410c on junoM_wipSumit Semwal
2015-12-09root: use *qcom* as default, so remove the *qualcomm* variantsSumit Semwal ANDROID_64 seemed to be missing, so add.Sumit Semwal
2015-12-09updated as per Android M changesSumit Semwal correct the zygote version to be usedSumit Semwal update abilist propertiesSumit Semwal
2015-12-09correctly setup partitions for qcom target.Sumit Semwal
2015-12-09fstab and init fixesSumit Semwal update device hardware permissionsSumit Semwal
2015-12-09HACK: enable s/w renderingSumit Semwal