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masterAdd second test case set - decrementing buffersJames Morrissey5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-10-23Add second test case set - decrementing buffersHEADmasterJames Morrissey
2013-10-23Add ARMv8 pmull64 (crypto) implementationJames Morrissey
2013-07-05Reduce test case size/reps when running on modelJames Morrissey
2013-07-05Generate constant variants using NEONJames Morrissey
2013-07-05Improve clarity of conditional compilationJames Morrissey
2013-07-05Add and enable A64 NEON intrinsics implementationJames Morrissey
2013-07-05Enable warnings for all builds in build scriptJames Morrissey
2013-07-05Add Steve Capper's ARMv7 intrinsics implementationJames Morrissey
2013-07-05Enable compiler optimisationsJames Morrissey
2013-06-13Update copy script to copy to new file-systemJames Morrissey