BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
db410cBuild examples and disable swingSrinivas Kandagatla3 years
mastertravis: adding java builds to Travis CIMihai Tudor Panu3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-12-01travis: adding java builds to Travis CIHEADmasterMihai Tudor Panu
2015-11-30mpu9250: propagated new constructor flag for i2c bypassMihai Tudor Panu
2015-11-30mpu9150: option to disable I2C bypass settingJianxun Zhang
2015-11-25ozw: Initial implementationJon Trulson
2015-11-25hcsr04: Pass reference to current object to ISR.John Robertson
2015-11-24sx1276: removed unused ISR and array typemaps from java interfaceMihai Tudor Panu
2015-11-24sx1276: Initial implementationJon Trulson
2015-11-24hmtrp: Added functions that throw exceptions when failing to read from sensor...Stefan Andritoiu
2015-11-24groveButton: Corrected GroveButtonSample and GroveButton_intrSampleStefan Andritoiu
2015-11-24java: Added auto load library code in upm SWIG interfacesStefan Andritoiu