BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debug_llARM: early_printk: use printascii() rather than printch()Nicolas Pitre4 weeks
fdpicbinfmt_elf_fdpic: fix crash on MMU system with dynamic binariesNicolas Pitre5 weeks
minittyminitty: minimal TTY support alternative for serial portsNicolas Pitre6 months
modversionsARM: fix asm symbol exportsNicolas Pitre11 months
mtd_pointMTD: remove the get_unmapped_area methodNicolas Pitre7 days
optional_sched_classessched/rt: make it configurableNicolas Pitre12 days
xip_zdataARM: XIP kernel: store .data compressed in ROMNicolas Pitre5 weeks
xipcramfscramfs: rehabilitate itNicolas Pitre5 days