path: root/arch/arm/mach-uniphier
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-22ARM: uniphier: select ARCH_HAS_RESET_CONTROLLERMasahiro Yamada
2016-08-29ARM: uniphier: remove SoC-specific SMP codeMasahiro Yamada
2016-07-06Merge ARCH_[WANT_OPTIONAL|REQUIRE]_GPIOLIB changes into next/socArnd Bergmann
2016-07-04ARM: uniphier: remove empty DT machine descriptorMasahiro Yamada
2016-06-03ARM: uniphier: drop code for old DT bindingMasahiro Yamada
2016-05-18Merge tag 'armsoc-soc' of git:// Torvalds
2016-04-26ARM: uniphier: correct the call order of of_node_put()Masahiro Yamada
2016-04-12ARM: uniphier: drop weird sizeof()Masahiro Yamada
2016-03-18ARM: uniphier: rework SMP code to support new System Bus bindingMasahiro Yamada
2016-03-18ARM: uniphier: add missing of_node_put()Masahiro Yamada
2015-12-22Merge branch 'treewide/cleanup' into next/socOlof Johansson
2015-12-20ARM: uniphier: select PINCTRLMasahiro Yamada
2015-12-01ARM: use const and __initconst for smp_operationsMasahiro Yamada
2015-10-27ARM: uniphier: rework SMP operations to use trampoline codeMasahiro Yamada
2015-08-13ARM: uniphier: drop v7_invalidate_l1 call at secondary entryMasahiro Yamada
2015-05-20ARM: uniphier: only select TWD for SMPArnd Bergmann
2015-05-12ARM: UniPhier: add basic support for UniPhier architectureMasahiro Yamada