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1 files changed, 36 insertions, 8 deletions
diff --git a/kernel/sched/sched.h b/kernel/sched/sched.h
index 14db76cd496f..2f40f09aaec5 100644
--- a/kernel/sched/sched.h
+++ b/kernel/sched/sched.h
@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ static inline int rt_policy(int policy)
static inline int dl_policy(int policy)
- return policy == SCHED_DEADLINE;
static inline bool valid_policy(int policy)
@@ -158,11 +158,15 @@ static inline int task_has_dl_policy(struct task_struct *p)
* Tells if entity @a should preempt entity @b.
static inline bool
dl_entity_preempt(struct sched_dl_entity *a, struct sched_dl_entity *b)
return dl_time_before(a->deadline, b->deadline);
+#define dl_entity_preempt(a, b) false
* This is the priority-queue data structure of the RT scheduling class:
@@ -247,7 +251,6 @@ bool __dl_overflow(struct dl_bw *dl_b, int cpus, u64 old_bw, u64 new_bw)
void dl_change_utilization(struct task_struct *p, u64 new_bw);
-extern void init_dl_bw(struct dl_bw *dl_b);
extern int sched_dl_global_validate(void);
extern void sched_dl_do_global(void);
extern int sched_dl_overflow(struct task_struct *p, int policy,
@@ -261,7 +264,27 @@ extern int dl_task_can_attach(struct task_struct *p,
const struct cpumask *cs_cpus_allowed);
extern int dl_cpuset_cpumask_can_shrink(const struct cpumask *cur,
const struct cpumask *trial);
+extern struct dl_bandwidth def_dl_bandwidth;
+struct dl_rq;
+#define dl_nr_running(rq) (rq)->dl.dl_nr_running
+#define dl_boosted(tsk) (tsk)->dl.dl_boosted
extern bool dl_cpu_busy(unsigned int cpu);
+extern void init_dl_bw(struct dl_bw *dl_b);
+extern void init_sched_dl_class(void);
+extern void init_dl_bandwidth(struct dl_bandwidth *dl_b, u64 period, u64 runtime);
+extern void init_dl_rq(struct dl_rq *dl_rq);
+#define dl_nr_running(rq) 0
+#define dl_boosted(tsk) (*(int *)0)
+#define dl_cpu_busy(cpu) false
+#define init_dl_bw(dl_b) do { } while (0)
+#define init_sched_dl_class() do { } while (0)
+#define init_dl_bandwidth(...) do { } while (0)
+#define init_dl_rq(dl_rq) do { } while (0)
@@ -694,7 +717,9 @@ struct rq {
struct cfs_rq cfs;
struct rt_rq rt;
struct dl_rq dl;
/* list of leaf cfs_rq on this cpu: */
@@ -1472,9 +1497,12 @@ static inline void set_curr_task(struct rq *rq, struct task_struct *curr)
#define sched_class_highest (&stop_sched_class)
+#elif defined(CONFIG_SCHED_DL)
#define sched_class_highest (&dl_sched_class)
+#define sched_class_highest (&rt_sched_class)
#define for_each_class(class) \
for (class = sched_class_highest; class; class = class->next)
@@ -1525,7 +1553,6 @@ extern void sysrq_sched_debug_show(void);
extern void sched_init_granularity(void);
extern void update_max_interval(void);
-extern void init_sched_dl_class(void);
extern void init_sched_rt_class(void);
extern void init_sched_fair_class(void);
@@ -1535,8 +1562,6 @@ extern void resched_cpu(int cpu);
extern struct rt_bandwidth def_rt_bandwidth;
extern void init_rt_bandwidth(struct rt_bandwidth *rt_b, u64 period, u64 runtime);
-extern struct dl_bandwidth def_dl_bandwidth;
-extern void init_dl_bandwidth(struct dl_bandwidth *dl_b, u64 period, u64 runtime);
extern void init_dl_task_timer(struct sched_dl_entity *dl_se);
extern void init_dl_inactive_task_timer(struct sched_dl_entity *dl_se);
extern void init_dl_rq_bw_ratio(struct dl_rq *dl_rq);
@@ -1969,7 +1994,6 @@ print_numa_stats(struct seq_file *m, int node, unsigned long tsf,
extern void init_cfs_rq(struct cfs_rq *cfs_rq);
extern void init_rt_rq(struct rt_rq *rt_rq);
-extern void init_dl_rq(struct dl_rq *dl_rq);
extern void cfs_bandwidth_usage_inc(void);
extern void cfs_bandwidth_usage_dec(void);
@@ -1988,7 +2012,11 @@ static inline void nohz_balance_exit_idle(unsigned int cpu) { }
-#ifdef CONFIG_SMP
+#if !defined(CONFIG_SCHED_DL)
+void __dl_update(struct dl_bw *dl_b, s64 bw)
+#elif defined(CONFIG_SMP)
static inline
void __dl_update(struct dl_bw *dl_b, s64 bw)