AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-07-24test a branch theorymx53Neil Williams
2013-07-23add test cases for broken install steps and shorten timeoutsNeil Williams
2013-07-19omit last wait test for nowNeil Williams
2013-07-19ensure there is a send before the wait_allNeil Williams
2013-07-19Fix JSON syntax errorNeil Williams
2013-07-18Add iMX53 support filesNeil Williams
2013-07-18disambiguate the two wait callsNeil Williams
2013-07-17avoid nested shell call in YAMLNeil Williams
2013-07-17remove unwanted proxy settings from yaml and try a lava-wait-all with a roleNeil Williams
2013-07-16add a script to test the ip addresses.Neil Williams
2013-07-16add output of the lava-network style output and test real IP details on real ...Neil Williams
2013-07-10run the commands within a script as pipes appear to cause errorsNeil Williams
2013-07-10fix path to ifconfigNeil Williams
2013-07-10send a useful message in 'sending' as there is no useful IP data at this poin...Neil Williams
2013-07-10beagle-xm group dispatcher fileNeil Williams
2013-07-10test correct formatting of the proxy detailsNeil Williams
2013-07-10Add prototype for lava-network to test IP addr discoveryNeil Williams
2013-07-09execute the subshellNeil Williams
2013-07-09remove multinode callsNeil Williams
2013-07-09add a temp proxy test fileNeil Williams
2013-07-09switch to quantal images for more reliable networking.Neil Williams
2013-07-08use pandas for the group tests as the beagle is failing to download imagesNeil Williams
2013-07-08use a simpler test until the wait-all is completeNeil Williams
2013-07-08add a shorter group test yamlNeil Williams
2013-07-04shorten the panda health checkNeil Williams
2013-07-03test key values with wait_allNeil Williams
2013-07-03update arndale healthcheckNeil Williams
2013-07-03fix illegal spacesNeil Williams
2013-07-03turn the healthcheck into a single node test jobNeil Williams
2013-07-03add a possible health check for the arndaleNeil Williams
2013-07-03add a panda-only group of 2 machines.Neil Williams
2013-07-02ensure a send precedes the wait_allNeil Williams
2013-07-02use a smaller image for quicker testing.Neil Williams
2013-07-02reflect change in device_type for beagle-xmNeil Williams
2013-07-02Add healthchecks and key value test filesNeil Williams
2013-06-28Add the current JSON examplesNeil Williams
2013-06-27drop lspci, lsusb & lsb-release as these are not necessarily installed.Neil Williams
2013-06-27drop wait_all for nowNeil Williams
2013-06-27ensure kvm-wait is sent before the wait_allNeil Williams
2013-06-27run lava-group outside a test case to get the outputNeil Williams
2013-06-27let the group test case be the output of groupNeil Williams
2013-06-26add a short test for panda + beaglexmNeil Williams
2013-06-26simplify the sync testNeil Williams
2013-06-25add a few more of the original testsNeil Williams
2013-06-25run the sync inside a test caseNeil Williams
2013-06-25add a kvm testNeil Williams
2013-06-25first attempt at a multinode test definition.Neil Williams