AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-06-19fix ping test to use a reachable server.HEADmasterNeil Williams
2013-08-27Drop confusing file.Neil Williams
2013-08-27Extend the group to test multiple clients.Neil Williams
2013-08-27Extend the group to test multiple clients.Neil Williams
2013-08-27extend the client shell script to cope with multiple clients per serverNeil Williams
2013-08-27add python to client depsNeil Williams
2013-08-27more dir checksNeil Williams
2013-08-26now that there is a logfile with the output, execute the scriptNeil Williams
2013-08-26fix typoNeil Williams
2013-08-26more debugNeil Williams
2013-08-26more monitoring of the netperf daemonNeil Williams
2013-08-26wrong log file location, drop itNeil Williams
2013-08-26add more debug and skip the ifconfig take down of a functional interface.Neil Williams
2013-08-23get the netperf output into the logfileNeil Williams
2013-08-23more path fixesNeil Williams
2013-08-23fix typo in location of netperf-server.shNeil Williams
2013-08-23Support bridged KVMNeil Williams
2013-08-23Support bridged KVMNeil Williams
2013-08-23Add details of kvm bridgedNeil Williams
2013-08-23fix typo in found_result and strip trailing spacesNeil Williams
2013-08-23prevent directory conflict with the unpacked netperf directory.Neil Williams
2013-08-23fix pathNeil Williams
2013-08-23port changes from lng code to use on imx53 tests.Neil Williams
2013-08-22downgrade to basicNeil Williams
2013-08-22update notesNeil Williams
2013-08-22push to advanced support.Neil Williams
2013-08-22Advance beaglexm to intermediate support.Neil Williams
2013-08-22add notes on the results of the test strategy levels.Neil Williams
2013-08-22add the client scriptNeil Williams
2013-08-22Fix location of the stream for staging.Neil Williams
2013-08-22Allow mkdir to fail and package the server script.Neil Williams
2013-08-22Fix stream location for staging.Neil Williams
2013-08-22Fix stream location for staging.Neil Williams
2013-08-22Fix stream location for staging.Neil Williams
2013-08-21fix file-get to check for forwarder, not matches other than forwarderNeil Williams
2013-08-21fix typoNeil Williams
2013-08-21use the new file-get script.Neil Williams
2013-08-21downgrade highbank to not try to install: deps: in the YAML.Neil Williams
2013-08-21adapt the use case code to just use beagleblack until bridged KVM is available.Neil Williams
2013-08-21update for stagingNeil Williams
2013-08-21add new files for some new devicesNeil Williams
2013-08-21modify sample json for staging usageNeil Williams
2013-08-20tweak submit results infoNeil Williams
2013-08-20fix the location of the netperf YAMLNeil Williams
2013-08-20tweak the descriptionsNeil Williams
2013-08-20try a test without the parserNeil Williams
2013-08-19add some netperf examplesNeil Williams
2013-08-19add an explicit check on the ordering bug if only some actions have roles.Neil Williams
2013-08-15drop intermediate tests for beagle-xm, the apt stage always times out.Neil Williams
2013-08-14do an apt update prior to trying to installNeil Williams