BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
AMBARI-23903_branch-2.6ambari: Add jdeb supportNaresh Bhat9 months
AMBARI-23903_trunkambari: Add jdeb supportNaresh Bhat9 months
trunk"Global Configurations" defined in workflow XML are being lost during Import ...Venkata Sairam Lanka13 days
v2.5.2ambari: Add jdeb supportNaresh Bhat10 months
v2.6.0ambari: Add jdeb supportNaresh Bhat10 months
v2.6.1ambari: Add jdeb supportNaresh Bhat10 months
v2.6.2ambari: Add jdeb supportNaresh Bhat10 months
v2. Add bigtop mpack in ambariNaresh Bhat5 months
v2.7.3ambari: Fix deb architecture issues for v2.7.3Naresh Bhat12 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-06-28ambari: Add jdeb supportAMBARI-23903_branch-2.6Naresh Bhat
2018-06-21AMBARI-24149. Agent fails to auto-start HDFS when using LZO (aonishuk)Andrew Onishuk
2018-06-19AMBARI-24139. Failed to force_non_member_install a stack version on hosts (#1...Doroszlai, Attila
2018-06-16AMBARI-22953. Some package scripts use subprocess instead of subprocess32 (#1...Doroszlai, Attila
2018-06-09[AMBARI-24015] Add the dependency of slf4j-log4j12 to fix the lack of log4j o...a8726426
2018-05-28AMBARI-23957. Spark2 Thrift Server fails to start if LLAP and parallel execut...Doroszlai, Attila
2018-05-17AMBARI-23604 : Hive View : handled table buckets specification in upload tabl...nitirajrathore
2018-05-08AMBARI-23380. Fix intermittent "No such file or directory" error in TestHostC...Doroszlai, Attila
2018-05-05AMBARI-23766. Corrupt mapreduce/tez tar.gz may be uploaded to HDFS if paralle...Doroszlai, Attila
2018-04-26Updated Ambari version to Shridhar