BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
gcov-pocgcov: slit into 2 parts to have ability to run other testsMilosz Wasilewski3 years
masterautomated/lib: remove uneeded calls to lava-lxc-device-wait-addMilosz Wasilewski3 months
private-stagingswitched pm-qa tests to private repoMilosz Wasilewski4 years
tradefed_atomic_resultsautomated: android: enable CTS/VTS atomic result reportingMilosz Wasilewski4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-07-28automated/lib: remove uneeded calls to lava-lxc-device-wait-addHEADmasterMilosz Wasilewski
2017-07-27android-test-lib: start adb before adding lxc deviceMilosz Wasilewski
2017-07-25linux: add 24h stress testChase Qi
2017-07-25Merge "remove obsolete directories"Milosz Wasilewski
2017-07-24manual: kvm64: unify file namesChase Qi
2017-07-21readme: fix a typo on running test planChase Qi
2017-07-20test-runner: fail gracefully if SSH connection is closedMilosz Wasilewski
2017-07-20test-runner: set a proper default for $HOMEMilosz Wasilewski
2017-07-20remove obsolete directoriesMilosz Wasilewski
2017-07-13android bootstat: add android bootstat testYongqin Liu