BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cross-project-dashboardA new page that displays all patches submitted by a given userGuilherme Salgado6 years
decode-betterMade error handling in string_to_unicode more informative.James Tunnicliffe6 years
linaroA bunch of Linaro-specific changes that don't make sense upstream.Guilherme Salgado6 years
linaro.publicMerge heads/master into linaro.publicGuilherme Salgado6 years
linaro.stgitpopGuilherme Salgado6 years
lucid-fixUpdated code to run on Lucid.James Tunnicliffe6 years
masterMerge branch 'lucid-fix' into linaroJames Tunnicliffe6 years
same-scale-for-frontpage-chartsUse the same scale on the Y axis for the two age charts on the frontpage.Guilherme Salgado6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-04-04Merge branch 'lucid-fix' into linaroHEADmasterJames Tunnicliffe
2012-04-04Made error handling in string_to_unicode more informative.decode-betterJames Tunnicliffe
2012-04-03Updated code to run on Lucid.lucid-fixJames Tunnicliffe
2012-04-02When decoding an email body into unicode, catch decode exceptions and tryJames Tunnicliffe
2012-03-29Renamed back to get-linaro-membership.pyJames Tunnicliffe
2012-03-28Tidied up test_sync_launchpad_memberships_for.James Tunnicliffe
2012-03-28Updated test_sync_launchpad_memberships_for to check the content of theJames Tunnicliffe
2012-03-28Catch the exception that Launchpad throws if we pass it a string that isn'tJames Tunnicliffe
2012-03-27Removed old, unused, obsolete and broken test.James Tunnicliffe
2012-03-27Instead of using a static list of email addresses to check to see if they areJames Tunnicliffe