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companypdfsMike Holmes5 months
masterUse LDAP to find watcher companyMike Holmes3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-08-04Use LDAP to find watcher companyHEADmasterMike Holmes
2017-07-11Cleanup output dirMike Holmes
2017-07-10Deal with new home outputdirsMike Holmes
2017-07-10Take an output dir form the envMike Holmes
2017-07-10Use a subdir for the git informationMike Holmes
2017-06-30SpellingMike Holmes
2017-06-22Allow for multiple pages and use vector operations rather than peck though th...Mike Holmes
2017-06-21Report _spc with closed ommittedMike Holmes
2017-06-14Generate png not pdfMike Holmes
2017-06-14plot raw percentageMike Holmes