BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
android-1.5.2SW-5636: mtd-utils: add Android build setupMichael Scott17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-05-26SW-5636: mtd-utils: add Android build setupandroid-1.5.2Michael Scott
2015-07-24Release mtd-utils-1.5.2Brian Norris
2015-07-24.gitignore: add new mtdpart utilityBrian Norris
2015-07-06mtd-utils: fix 'new blank line at EOF' problemsDongsheng Yang
2015-07-06mtd-utils: fix 'space before tab in indent' problemDongsheng Yang
2015-07-06mtd-utils: fix the trailing whitespace problemsDongsheng Yang
2015-07-06mtd-utils: ubi-tests: fix a some overflowsDongsheng Yang
2015-07-06mtd-utils: fs-tests: pass TEST_DIR to integck in run_all.shDongsheng Yang
2015-05-28mtd-utils: Add mtdpart to add/delete partitionNam T. Nguyen
2015-05-28include/common.h: fix build against muslJörg Krause