BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
HPC-154-devDo refactoring.Masaki Arai6 weeks
HPC-155-devRevert "Fix MachinePipeliner after the revert r345032."Masaki Arai6 weeks
HPC-156-devAdd code for controlling the flow of register allocation.Masaki Arai3 months
HPC-156-viewerImproved the display content.Masaki Arai2 months
masterTry to fix NetBSD buildbot breakage introduced in D57463.Manman Ren3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-03-01Try to fix NetBSD buildbot breakage introduced in D57463.HEADmasterManman Ren
2019-03-01[ARM] Fix FP16 stack loads/stores for Thumb2 with frame pointerOliver Stannard
2019-03-01[ARM] Consider undefined-on-NaN conditions in checkVSELConstraintsOliver Stannard
2019-03-01[X86] Regenerate legalize test filesSimon Pilgrim
2019-03-01[Thumb] Add some integer abs testcases for different typesizes.Simon Pilgrim
2019-03-01[yaml2obj] - Allow setting custom sh_info for RawContentSection sections.George Rimar
2019-03-01 Attempt to fix buildbot after r354972 [#2]. NFCI.Alexey Lapshin
2019-03-01[ARM GlobalISel] Support G_CTLZ for Thumb2Diana Picus
2019-03-01[ARM GlobalISel] Check target flags in test. NFCIDiana Picus
2019-03-01[Tablegen] Add support for the !mul operator.Nicola Zaghen