BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAndroid: Add trace-cmd instrument to HiKey agendaLisa Nguyen5 months
wa-templatesRename the agenda used for debugging android workloadsLisa Nguyen3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-10-31Android: Add trace-cmd instrument to HiKey agendaHEADmasterLisa Nguyen
2017-10-27Android: Add templerun workload to HiKey agendaLisa Nguyen
2017-10-27Android: Remove iterations section on HiKey agendaLisa Nguyen
2017-10-27Add homescreen, video, and audio workloads to HiKey agendaLisa Nguyen
2017-10-26Create a Linux agenda and config for JunoLisa Nguyen
2017-10-26Add an Android agenda with AEP enabled for HiKeyLisa Nguyen
2017-10-26Add a Linux agenda with AEP enabled for pandaboardLisa Nguyen
2017-10-26Create a Linux config file for the Hikey 6220Lisa Nguyen
2017-10-26Create a config file for pandaboardLisa Nguyen
2017-05-22A new branch for WA agenda and config filesChase Qi