BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
linaro_ubuntu_enterpriseIPC enabled for apacheVasanth Ananthan6 years
lue_23AUG2012Config modified for SATA supportRony Nandy7 years
lue_arndaleEnabling PERF supportVasanth Ananthan6 years
lue_arndale_3.7USB : CORE : changing usb disconnect message from dev_dbg to dev_infoYuvaraj CD6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-10-08IPC enabled for apachelinaro_ubuntu_enterpriseVasanth Ananthan
2012-09-03Config modified for SATA supportRony Nandy
2012-09-03SATA patches appliedVasanth Ananthan
2012-09-03signed-off-by: Girish K S <>Rony Nandy
2012-09-03Cofig spec for Exynos5 to run Ubuntu Enterprise Server File systemRony Nandy
2012-09-03Adding Ethernet Device tree support for Exynos5Rony Nandy
2012-09-03UPSTREAM: of/irq: add retry support for interrupt controller tree initializationThomas Abraham
2012-09-03UPSTREAM: of/irq: fix interrupt parent lookup procedureThomas Abraham
2012-09-03UPSTREAM: ARM: Exynos: Add device tree support for gpio wakeup interrupt cont...Thomas Abraham
2012-09-03UPSTREAM: ARM: Exynos: Remove arch_initcall for wakeup interrupt initializationThomas Abraham