BranchCommit messageAuthorAge update commit hashes for 2018.11 RPF releaseLeif Lindholm4 months
rpf-18.02rpf-18.02.tar.gz  Leif Lindholm13 months
rpf-18.02-rc1rpf-18.02-rc1.tar.gz  Leif Lindholm13 months
rpf-17.10rpf-17.10.tar.gz  Leif Lindholm16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor update commit hashes for 2018.11 RPF releaseHEADmasterLeif Lindholm
2018-11-20platforms.config: update for 2018.11 releaseLeif Lindholm
2018-09-03update build hashes and platform.conf for 2018.08 releasesLeif Lindholm add separate handling of "executable" outputLeif Lindholm add and update submodulesLeif Lindholm update uefi-tools hashrpf-18.02Leif Lindholm update uefi-tools hashLeif Lindholm
2018-02-09platforms.config: update for 18.02rpf-18.02-rc1Leif Lindholm update edk2/edk2-platforms SHAs for 18.02-rc1Leif Lindholm update SHAs for 18.02Leif Lindholm