BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastertx_lat: update pkt size while sending packetIvan Khoronzhuk7 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daystx_lat: update pkt size while sending packetHEADmasterIvan Khoronzhuk
7 daysrx_lat: print weather h/w or s/w timestmaps were used for speed measurementsIvan Khoronzhuk
7 daysplget_args: disable to set pkt_size for rx modesIvan Khoronzhuk
7 daysresult: correct output for latencyIvan Khoronzhuk
7 daysplget: print mcast group address in normal wayIvan Khoronzhuk
8 daystx_lat: combine id and not id versions of tx_packetIvan Khoronzhuk
8 daysext: modificate echo/ext lat modeIvan Khoronzhuk
9 daysplget: add multi sched latency measurements for id packetsIvan Khoronzhuk
11 daystx_lat: fix app timestamping with sched "output"Ivan Khoronzhuk
11 daysresult: add printout sw -> s/w correctionsIvan Khoronzhuk