BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cc32xx-wdtcc32xx: watchdog: Added driver_data, fixes, and debugger stallGil Pitney17 months
dt_uartcc3200: DTS: Add device tree support for the UART driverGil Pitney2 years
gpiosamples: disco: Update to handle the 3 LEDs on the TI CC3200 LaunchXLGil Pitney2 years
ip_offloadcc32xx: WiFi: Add SimpleLink samples: tcp, wlan station, wlan apGil Pitney24 months
mastersanitycheck: abort if last_sanity.csv not foundAnas Nashif2 years
mqtt_async_socketnet: mqtt: port mqtt libary to POSIXGil Pitney8 months
net_offloadcc32xx: WiFi: WIP-3 Offload Driver for CC32xx SimpleLinkGil Pitney22 months
unified_wifikernel/arm: fix race condition when setting _Swap() return valueBenjamin Walsh2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-11-29sanitycheck: abort if last_sanity.csv not foundHEADmasterAnas Nashif
2016-11-29sensor: fix typo in KconfigQiu Peiyang
2016-11-29samples: drivers: current sensing : Exit from testcase if device not foundSergio Rodriguez
2016-11-28samples: drivers: led_apa102c: Exit from testcase if device not foundSergio Rodriguez
2016-11-28samples: event_collector: Remove redundant checkJithu Joseph
2016-11-28tests/ztest/mock: remove usage of legacy k_fifo_get()Inaky Perez-Gonzalez
2016-11-28libc/minimal: snprintf(): KILL negative len parameterInaky Perez-Gonzalez
2016-11-28tests/kernel: Test CONFIG_RUNTIME_NMI behaviorVincenzo Frascino
2016-11-28net: buf: move test to unified kernelAnas Nashif
2016-11-28arm/frdm_k64f: fix boot issue with MBED bootloader and INIT_STACKS=yBenjamin Walsh