BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
apeiAPEI: Add 'apei' command for APEI blob loading into the specified address.Tomasz Nowicki21 months
grub-mkconfig-xenarm64: update the introduction of xen boot commands inFu Wei20 months
grub-mkconfig-xen_v6arm64: update the introduction of xen boot commands in docs/grub.texiFu Wei13 months
grub-mkconfig-xen_v7arm64: update the introduction of xen boot commands in docs/grub.texiFu Wei6 months
grub-mkconfig-xen_v8arm64: update the introduction of xen boot commands in docs/grub.texiFu Wei5 months
multiboot_xen_support_upstream_mainline_v3_testxen_boot.c fix for licenseFu Wei2 years
xen_boot_fixarm64: xen_boot: Fix xen boot using Grub on AARCH64Julien Grall20 months
xen_boot_upstream_v3arm64: Add the introduction of xen boot commands in docs/grub.texiFu Wei24 months
xen_boot_upstream_v4_devarm64: Add the missing license macro in fdt moduleFu Wei23 months
xen_boot_upstream_v5_develarm64: Add the introduction of xen_module commands in docs/grub.texiFu Wei23 months
multiboot_xen_support_upstream_v4.0-rc1grub-multiboot_xen_support_upstream_v4.0-rc1.tar.gz  Fu Wei3 years
multiboot_xen_support_upstream_v3.3grub-multiboot_xen_support_upstream_v3.3.tar.gz  Fu Wei3 years
multiboot_xen_support_upstream_v3.2grub-multiboot_xen_support_upstream_v3.2.tar.gz  Fu Wei3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-11-20grub-fs-tester: consistently print output of grub ls if test failsHEADmasterAndrei Borzenkov
2014-11-20Fix date in last ChangeLog entryAndrei Borzenkov
2014-11-17efi: check *path non-null before grub_strrchrLeif Lindholm
2014-11-03icmp6 fix no respond to neighbor solicit messageMichael Chang
2014-10-14Use full initializer for initrd_ctx to avoid fatal warnings with older GCCAndrei Borzenkov
2014-09-25Fix in-tree --platform=noneColin Watson
2014-09-23Add a new "none" platform that only builds utilitiesColin Watson
2014-09-22cleanup: grub_cpu_to_XXX_compile_time for constantsAndrey Borzenkov
2014-09-21Revert " Use -Wl,--no-relax rather than -mno-relax for uniformity."Vladimir Serbinenko
2014-09-21ACPIhalt: Add more ACPI opcodes.Valentin Dornauer