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masterAdd a python script to run the jobDavid Brown3 years
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2016-01-14Add a python script to run the jobHEADmasterDavid Brown
2016-01-14Clean up the provoke_crash to be a functionDavid Brown
2016-01-14Change to userspace (UDEREF) testDavid Brown
2016-01-14Simplify to a single scriptDavid Brown
2016-01-14Generate an exception, regardless of UDEREFDavid Brown
2016-01-14Test results of uderef testDavid Brown
2016-01-14Fix syntax error in testDavid Brown
2016-01-14Make test executableDavid Brown
2016-01-14Write simple script for test case.David Brown
2016-01-14Simple initial version.David Brown