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linaro-lollipopifc6410: README: Fix a couple of small typosDaniel Thompson4 years
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2015-03-19ifc6410: README: Fix a couple of small typosHEADlinaro-lollipopDaniel Thompson
2015-03-19ifc6410: README: Minor tidy up of ##StatusDaniel Thompson
2015-03-19ifc6410: README: Fix a branch name in the checkout instructionsDaniel Thompson
2015-03-19ifc6410: Remove older READMEDaniel Thompson
2015-03-19ifc6410: Add a README fileDaniel Thompson
2015-03-19ifc6410: Build qualcomm device tree blobsDaniel Thompson
2015-03-19ifc6410: Fix cache image sizeDaniel Thompson
2015-03-12ifc6410: Compile the kernel using a special toolsetDaniel Thompson
2015-03-12ifc6410: Fix image sized to match default partition layoutDaniel Thompson
2015-03-12ifc6410: Rename the files includes in the initrdDaniel Thompson