BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devremove old filesChase Qi16 months
erp-17.08schedule erp testing on d0x with cron every 6 hoursChase Qi13 months
masterworkload-automation: migrate to WA3Chase Qi33 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
33 hoursworkload-automation: migrate to WA3HEADmasterChase Qi
9 dayssync with qa/testdefChase Qi
2018-03-21android: run busybox as rootChase Qi
2018-02-26android: tradefed: disable debug info for AGGREGATED parserChase Qi
2018-01-26android/tradefed: don't exit when test run/module fails to completeChase Qi
2018-01-26automated: sync with qa/testdefChase Qi
2017-12-06sync automate/libChase Qi
2017-12-06android: tradefed: end test job when adb device lostChase Qi
2017-12-05android: vts: save vts_run_details.txtChase Qi
2017-11-15vts: bug fixChase Qi