BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
linaroboxPlatform/LinaroBoard: add full MSI supportArd Biesheuvel6 days
synquacerPlatform/SynquacerEvalBoard: add signed capsule update supportArd Biesheuvel4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysPlatform/LinaroBoard: add full MSI supportlinaroboxArd Biesheuvel
6 daysfixup! Silicon/Synquacer: add ACPI supportArd Biesheuvel
6 daysPlatform/LinaroBoard: cover EEPROM and ARM-TF images in FD and capsuleArd Biesheuvel
6 daysfixup! Silicon/Synquacer: add NorFlashPlatformLib implementationArd Biesheuvel
6 daysfixup! Silicon/Synquacer: implement PlatformFlashAccessLibArd Biesheuvel
6 daysSilicon/Fip006Dxe: fix erase sectorPipat Methavanitpong
11 daysfixup! Synquacer/SynquacerMemoryInitPeiLib: add capsule supportArd Biesheuvel
11 daysfixup! Silicon/Synquacer: add MemoryInitPeiLib implementationArd Biesheuvel
11 daysSilicon/Socionext/Fip006Dxe: add support for multiple FVB instancesArd Biesheuvel
11 daysSilicon/Synquacer: implement PlatformFlashAccessLibArd Biesheuvel