BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
linux-linaroPINNED manifest for ll-20130131.0Linaro CI Jenkins Service6 years
push-testCommit 19Linaro CI Jenkins Service6 years
ll-20130131.0sandbox-ll-manifest-ll-20130131.0.tar.gz  Linaro CI Jenkins Service6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-01-31PINNED manifest for ll-20130131.0ll-20130131.0linux-linaroLinaro CI Jenkins Service
2013-01-16PINNED manifest for ll-20130116.0Andrey Konovalov
2013-01-15PINNED manifest for ll-20130115.0Andrey Konovalov
2013-01-15Add the tracking topic from Samsung LT back to llAndrey Konovalov
2013-01-14PINNED manifest for ll-20130114.0Andrey Konovalov
2013-01-14Move ll to 3.8, improve Snowball suportAndrey Konovalov
2013-01-10PINNED manifest for ll-20130110.0Andrey Konovalov
2013-01-10Pin the LT's topics to ll-20121221.1 state for a whileAndrey Konovalov
2012-12-21PINNED manifest for ll-20121221.1Andrey Konovalov
2012-12-21PINNED manifest for ll-20121221.0Andrey Konovalov