BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
pmwg-8thermal: add generic cpu hotplug cooling deviceZoran Markovic5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-01-02thermal: add generic cpu hotplug cooling devicepmwg-8Zoran Markovic
2014-01-02arm kconfigMike Turquette
2014-01-02governorsMike Turquette
2014-01-02fixup: removed references to sysdev device/driver.Zoran Markovic
2014-01-02fixup: added probing cpu devices.Zoran Markovic
2014-01-02cpuoffline coreMike Turquette
2014-01-02cpu: update cpu_hotpluggable_mask in register_cpuMike Turquette
2014-01-02cpumask: introduce cpumask for hotpluggable CPUsMike Turquette
2014-01-02ARM: do not mark CPU0 as hotpluggableMike Turquette
2014-01-02thermal: bcm: hacked bind of cpufreq cooling - not for upstreamingZoran Markovic