BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
aapitsMerge branch 'aapits' of ssh:// Stone6 years
aapits_oldMerge branch 'upstream' into aapitsAl Stone6 years
junkMerge branch 'upstream' into junkAl Stone6 years
linaroMerge branch 'aapits' into linaroAl Stone6 years
linaro_oldMerge branch 'aapits' into linaroAl Stone6 years
masterUpdate version to 20130328.Robert Moore6 years
mergeMerge tag 'R05_17_13' of into mergeAl Stone6 years
upstreamMerge tag 'R06_26_13' of into upstreamAl Stone6 years
R12_20_12acpica-R12_20_12.tar.gz  Robert Moore6 years
R11_14_12acpica-R11_14_12.tar.gz  Robert Moore6 years
R10_18_12acpica-R10_18_12.tar.gz  Robert Moore6 years
R09_13_12acpica-R09_13_12.tar.gz  Robert Moore7 years
R08_16_12acpica-R08_16_12.tar.gz  Robert Moore7 years
R07_11_12acpica-R07_11_12.tar.gz  Robert Moore7 years
R06_20_12acpica-R06_20_12.tar.gz  Robert Moore7 years
R05_18_12acpica-R05_18_12.tar.gz  Robert Moore7 years
R04_20_12acpica-R04_20_12.tar.gz  Robert Moore7 years
R03_20_12acpica-R03_20_12.tar.gz  Robert Moore7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-03-28Update version to 20130328.HEADmasterRobert Moore
2013-03-28Logfile: Changes for version 20130328.Robert Moore
2013-03-28ACPICA Reference: Add section for internal mutex/lock usage.Robert Moore
2013-03-27Update .gitignore file.Robert Moore
2013-03-27Linux divergence fixes, no functional changes.Robert Moore
2013-03-27Update Linux-specific script files.Robert Moore
2013-03-27Add a lock to the internal object reference count mechanism.Robert Moore
2013-03-26Fix a format string for 64-bit generation.Robert Moore
2013-03-22Remove FORCE_DELETE option for global reference count mechanism.Robert Moore
2013-03-21iASL: Fix two sprintf formatting fields for predefined names.Robert Moore