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+Integration layer for Linaro Builds & Baselines
+This layer is meant to fix or workaround integration issues which would normally go into a DISTRO layer. The B&B builds use OE-core distroless, but some tweaks are needed:
+1) Enable busybox httpd, the CI loop depends on it
+2) Overlay/bbappend recipes till fixes go upstream
+OE-core is extremely non-transparent when fixes will go in or get rejected, meta-openembedded is better but depends on a CI loop (test-dependencies) that currently takes 15 days to complete. Due to our use of monthly cycles and the effort to maintain forks recipes will get overlayed/bbappended with our changes here.
+Topic specific bbappends like aarch64 or bigendian should remain in their respective layers since those are BSP type changes, not DISTRO type changes.