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2018-12-20travis: rename BUILD_ONLY to CHECKMatias Elo
2018-12-20travis: add CentOS 7 build testMatias Elo
2018-11-29travis: install graphviz in doxygen testDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-11-21travis: define compiler for clang testMaxim Uvarov
2018-11-16travis: test inline timer implementationMatias Elo
2018-11-14linux-gen: ishm: use pre-reserved single va memoryMatias Elo
2018-10-22travis: run all test with gcc firstPetri Savolainen
2018-10-22travis: explicit netmap test casesPetri Savolainen
2018-10-22travis: start coverage test earlyPetri Savolainen
2018-10-22travis: exclude duplicate testsPetri Savolainen
2018-10-22travis: change pcapng test to build onlyPetri Savolainen
2018-10-22travis: explicit build only testsPetri Savolainen
2018-10-22travis: clean process mode test scriptPetri Savolainen
2018-10-22travis: split distcheck testPetri Savolainen
2018-10-22travis: add test cases for optional schedulersPetri Savolainen
2018-10-04travis: add process mode testMatias Elo
2018-09-05travis: add ubuntu 18.04 compilation testMaxim Uvarov
2018-08-29travis: restore quick build-only testingDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-08-29travis: move netmap to install stageDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-08-29travis: switch to unified 16.04 imageDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-08-28travis: fix DOCKER_NAMESPACE variable settingDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-08-23travis: setup default docker name spaceMaxim Uvarov
2018-08-22travis: add docker testsMaxim Uvarov
2018-07-11travis: switch iptables policy to let tap driver workDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-07-11travis: pin repositories to architecturesDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-07-11travis: stop using deprecated imageDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-07-04travis: add missing set of ODP_SHM_DIR for code coverage testMaxim Uvarov
2018-06-29travis: check building without OpenSSLDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-06-25.travis.yml: upgrade DPDK to 17.11.3 -- latest stable releaseDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-05-11odp: pktio: add pcapng capture capabilitiesIlias Apalodimas
2018-04-28travis: do not run gcov before executing codecov scriptDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-04-25travis: bump DPDK version to 17.11.2 - latest LTS releaseDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-04-25travis: fetch explicitly specified DPDK versionDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-03-22linux-gen: dpdk: bump supported dpdk version to v17.11Matias Elo
2018-03-13odp_dpdk.m4: use correct installation directoryJosep Puigdemont
2018-03-06linux-gen: add runtime configuration fileMatias Elo
2018-02-28travis: test all schedulers in single passDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-02-26update Linaro Copyrights to 2018 yearMaxim Uvarov
2018-02-19travis: enable tests for default host configurationDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-02-16travis: add two tests using DPDK version 17.11Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-02-02travis: build DPDK with clang if it was selectedDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-02-02travis: install codespellDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-02-02travis: allow to fail checkpatch.plMaxim Uvarov
2018-01-25travis: schedule long builds (distcheck) before short CROSS-testsDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-01-24travis: test ODP with shared DPDKDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-01-24travis: merge variable sectionsDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-01-22travis: move --with-dpdk-path out of DPDK build ifDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-01-22travis: use parallel make for all buildsDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-01-22travis: compile doxygen only for doxygen testDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2018-01-22travis: install packages in single passDmitry Eremin-Solenikov