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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-21test: build: enable cunit output to xmlMaxim Uvarov
2017-12-07gitignore add gcov filesMaxim Uvarov
2017-10-21.gitinore: ignore moved .pc filesDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2017-10-16.gitignore: ignore only libtool m4 filesDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2017-08-25configure: move configure header to include dirDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2017-05-02.gitignore: add perf.dataBrian Brooks
2016-10-24configure: the version cannot use a scriptMike Holmes
2016-04-01scripts: add builddpdkMaxim Uvarov
2016-03-30gitignore: add .deb is .tar.gzMaxim Uvarov
2015-08-25scripts/git_hash: fix build from tar sourceAnders Roxell
2015-07-24gitignore: add ar-libMaxim Uvarov
2015-07-23validation: use convenience libs rather than static libsStuart Haslam
2015-07-23gitignore: alphabetical sortMaxim Uvarov
2015-07-23gitignore: add vims swap file and .libsMaxim Uvarov
2015-07-09helper: convert to a libraryMike Holmes
2015-03-24gitignore: ignore TAGSAnders Roxell
2014-12-23doc: move Makefile structure into doc dirAnders Roxell
2014-12-04.gitignore: ignore gcov output filesStuart Haslam
2014-11-26.gitignore: distribute the ignore file to sub dirsMike Holmes
2014-11-20test: rename cunit dir to validationMike Holmes
2014-11-20cunit : add tests for crypto APIsAlexandru Badicioiu
2014-11-15gitignore: add the unit test odp_queueMike Holmes
2014-11-11gitignore: hide log and tsr files in cunit dirAnders Roxell
2014-11-08gitignore: ignore test-driverAnders Roxell
2014-10-27gitignore: remove odp_packet_netmapAnders Roxell
2014-10-08Add cunit test for APIs in odp_init.hMike Holmes
2014-09-10Add IPsec example app to build environmentRobbie King
2014-09-02move helper functions and rename to prefix to odph_Anders Roxell
2014-07-29api_test/Makefile.am: name exe after src fileMike Holmes
2014-07-25Move ODP examples from under testsMike Holmes
2014-07-04gitignore: updated .gitignore to handle autotoolise build artifactsJerin Jacob
2014-06-09add odp prefix to l2fwdMaxim Uvarov
2014-05-21gitignore: add test/l2fwd/l2fwdAnders Roxell
2014-05-08Add a test program: odp_generatorWeilong Chen
2014-04-28gitignore: add test/timer/odp_timer_testAnders Roxell
2014-04-18Revert "test: add libpcap example"Maxim Uvarov
2014-04-16gitignore: add test/api_test/odp_timerAnders Roxell
2014-04-10netmap cleanup and update to changes in socket exampleCiprian Barbu
2014-03-21test: add libpcap exampleVincent Hsu
2014-02-25update gitignore to not add patch filesMaxim Uvarov
2014-02-17add build/ and tags to .gitignoreMaxim Uvarov
2014-02-12Netmap pktio exampleCiprian Barbu
2014-01-29Git ignore: Ignore binary file test/api_test/odp_ringCarl Wallen
2013-12-23Connected packet IO and ODP queuesCarl Wallen
2013-12-17Initial ODP packet IO functionalityCarl Wallen