BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
WIPqueue: delete current implementation and use linux-genericZoltan Kiss3 years
api-nextlinux-dpdk: packet: optimize odp_packet_copy_from_mem()Matias Elo8 weeks
mastermerge https://github.com/Linaro/odp-dpdk/pull/58Maxim Uvarov4 days
monarch_ltslinux-dpdk: document internal variablesBalakrishna Garapati23 months
odp_dpdp_1.7linux-dpdk: packet: fix L2 parsingZoltan Kiss2 years
tigermoth_ltsMerge branch 'dev/cleanup' of git://github.com/matiaselo/odp-dpdkMaxim Uvarov5 months
v1.19.0.2_DPDK_17.11odp-dpdk-  Maxim Uvarov3 weeks
v1.19.0.1_DPDK_17.1odp-dpdk-  Maxim Uvarov3 weeks
v1.19.0.0_DPDK_17.11_tigermothodp-dpdk-  Maxim Uvarov5 months
v1.19.0.0_DPDK_17.11odp-dpdk-  Maxim Uvarov5 months
v1.15.0.0_DPDK_17.02odp-dpdk-  Balakrishna Garapati14 months
v1.14.0.0_DPDK_17.02odp-dpdk-  Balakrishna Garapati14 months
v1.15.0.0odp-dpdk-  Maxim Uvarov15 months
v1.13.0.0_DPDK_17.02odp-dpdk-  Balakrishna Garapati19 months
v1.14.0.0odp-dpdk-  Maxim Uvarov19 months
v1.13.0.0odp-dpdk-  Maxim Uvarov20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysmerge https://github.com/Linaro/odp-dpdk/pull/58HEADmasterMaxim Uvarov
7 dayslinux-dpdk: pktio: setup correct number of tx descriptorsMatias Elo
7 daysPort cb93abae "linux-gen: queue: use mpmc ring in plain queues"Matias Elo
7 daysPort 3330513b "linux-gen: ring_mpmc: new multi-producer, multi-consumer ring"Matias Elo
7 daysPort cd7c7b28 "linux-gen: packet: support SCTP packet insertion"Matias Elo
7 daysPort 4c797e84 "linux-gen: packet: parse SCTP packets and verify checksum"Matias Elo
7 daysPort 7926eb57 "linux-gen: add SCTP protocol header"Matias Elo
7 daysPort f8500922 "linux-gen: queue: fix ordered queue issue"Matias Elo
7 daysPort 912e026c "linux-gen: queue: separate plain and sched enqueue functions"Matias Elo
7 daysPort 53e883be "linux-gen: queue: prepare for separate queue operations"Matias Elo