BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
branch-2.3Fix spark build issue on debianNaresh Bhat10 months
master[SPARK-24187][R][SQL] Add array_join function to SparkRHuaxin Gao10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-06-06[SPARK-24187][R][SQL] Add array_join function to SparkRHEADmasterHuaxin Gao
2018-06-05[SPARK-22384][SQL] Refine partition pruning when attribute is wrapped in Castjinxing
2018-06-05[SPARK-24453][SS] Fix error recovering from the failure in a no-data batchTathagata Das
2018-06-04[SPARK-15784] Add Power Iteration Clustering to spark.mlWeichenXu
2018-06-05[SPARK-16451][REPL] Fail shell if SparkSession fails to start.Marcelo Vanzin
2018-06-05[SPARK-24215][PYSPARK] Implement _repr_html_ for dataframes in PySparkYuanjian Li
2018-06-04[SPARK-24300][ML] change the way to set seed in ml.cluster.LDASuite.generateL...Lu WANG
2018-06-04[SPARK-24290][ML] add support for Array input for instrumentation.logNamedValueLu WANG
2018-06-04[SPARK-21896][SQL] Fix StackOverflow caused by window functions inside aggreg...aokolnychyi
2018-06-04[SPARK-23903][SQL] Add support for date extractYuming Wang