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doc_develadd notes and images for first job submission and resultsNeil Williams16 months
docsremove fixmeNeil Williams15 months
masterdrop link to removed pageNeil Williams25 hours
playgroundfix default value for arch to not require and not send spurious data to debuildNeil Williams20 months
releaseMerge branch 'staging' into releaseNeil Williams2 weeks
stagingInclude non https in title for security defaults configuration doc.Senthil Kumaran S2 weeks
trustyForce the frozen version.Neil Williams23 months
v2wsgi: use the Django public APIRémi Duraffort13 months
2017.10lava-server-2017.10.tar.gz  Neil Williams2 weeks
2017.9lava-server-2017.9.tar.gz  Neil Williams7 weeks
2017.7lava-server-2017.7.tar.gz  Neil Williams4 months
2017.6lava-server-2017.6.tar.gz  Neil Williams4 months
2017.5lava-server-2017.5.tar.gz  Neil Williams5 months
2017.4lava-server-2017.4.tar.gz  Neil Williams6 months
2017.2lava-server-2017.2.tar.gz  Neil Williams8 months
2017.1lava-server-2017.1.tar.gz  Neil Williams9 months
2016.12lava-server-2016.12.tar.gz  Neil Williams10 months
2016.11.post1lava-server-2016.11.post1.tar.gz  Senthil Kumaran S11 months
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25 hoursdrop link to removed pageHEADmasterNeil Williams
25 hoursLAVA-876 - Return empty data stubs for dashboard API calls.Stevan Radakovic
25 hoursLAVA-1073 - support for a second UART on a deviceNeil Williams
27 hoursRemove leftover from job wizardRémi Duraffort
32 hoursFix broken links in example test jobNeil Williams
33 hoursDrop the migration status page.Neil Williams
2 daysAdd a device-type config for the rpi-3b in armv7 32bit modeMatt Hart
2 daysRemove more references to dashboard_appRémi Duraffort
2 daysRemove references to v1 jobsRémi Duraffort
2 daysLAVA-876 - Remove access to DashboardStevan Radakovic