BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterEnsure otg is powered off on db410c after test completesDave Pigott1 min.
AgeCommit messageAuthor
1 min.Ensure otg is powered off on db410c after test completesHEADmasterDave Pigott
79 min.Add pre-power and pre-os commands to db410c hcDave Pigott
2 hoursAdd two more direct FTDI to pg lkft hikeysDave Pigott
5 hoursChange pg-hikey-09 to direct ftdiDave Pigott
6 daysAdd juno-r2 to ser2netDave Pigott
6 daysStart integration of juno-02 for lkftDave Pigott
6 daysAdd cacheing proxy to playgroundDave Pigott
6 daysMove from clas with port 8000Dave Pigott
9 dayslkft Juno pdu died. Move it.Dave Pigott
13 daysPoint db-820c health check image url to images.v.l.o.Senthil Kumaran S