AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-29firehose: Make "start_sector" a string againHEADmasterBjorn Andersson
2021-04-18qdl: bail out with the sensible error if prog.mbn can not be openedDmitry Baryshkov
2021-04-15util: allow hexadecimal values for attr_as_unsigned (fix ufs provisioning)Jonathan Marek
2021-04-15firehose: Drain logs on write timeoutBjorn Andersson
2021-04-15firehose: Rework firehose_readBjorn Andersson
2021-04-15fixup! program: Make start_sector unsigned inBjorn Andersson
2021-04-15usb: Drop ununsed eot argument to qdl_writeBjorn Andersson
2021-04-15usb: Drop unwanted debug printBjorn Andersson
2021-04-15program: Introduce erase tag supportBjorn Andersson
2021-04-15program: Make start_sector unsigned inBjorn Andersson
2021-04-15firehose: Revamp read timeout handlingBjorn Andersson
2021-04-15usb: Recognize SDX55Bjorn Andersson
2019-05-03qdl: Rework qdl_write to limit write sizes to out_maxpktsizeJohn Stultz
2019-04-30firehose: Wait 3 seconds for payload to bootBjorn Andersson
2019-02-27firehose: Lower the initial read timeoutBjorn Andersson
2019-02-27firehose: Remove unused firehose_nop()Bjorn Andersson
2019-02-27usb: Silence usb helpersBjorn Andersson
2019-02-27firehose: Continue reading log entries after responseBjorn Andersson
2019-02-27sahara_run: properly propagate errorNicolas Dechesne
2019-02-27program: Correct a/b XBL matchBjorn Andersson
2019-01-07qdl: Wait for missing EDL deviceBjorn Andersson
2019-01-07qdl: Remove debug print for claim return codeBjorn Andersson
2019-01-07firehose: Remove unnecessary nop requestBjorn Andersson
2019-01-07program: Match xbl in a/b scenariosBjorn Andersson
2019-01-07firehose: Send ZLP after each chunkBjorn Andersson
2019-01-07qdl: Communicate using USBFS instead of qcserialBjorn Andersson
2018-11-07firehose: support for emmc storageLaxman
2018-11-05Moved attr_as_unsigned and attr_as_string to utilDaniel Kutik
2018-11-05program: dropped unused attributesDaniel Kutik
2018-06-12qdl: fix qdl when building for 32-bitNiklas Cassel
2018-06-12qdl: fix error message referring to ttyUSB1Niklas Cassel
2018-06-12qdl: remove superfluous assignmentNiklas Cassel
2018-05-28qdl: use correct printf modifier for uint64_tNiklas Cassel
2018-05-28qdl: use correct printf modifier for size_tNiklas Cassel
2018-04-18qdl: add --include to specific optional folder to look for filesNicolas Dechesne
2018-04-06Merge ".gitreview: add new file"Nicolas Dechesne
2018-02-28QDL: Fix UFS provision issueTanya Finkel
2018-02-21qdl: Remove possibility for uninitialized variableBjorn Andersson
2018-02-21QDL/firehose: Add UFS provisioning functionalityKirill Kapranov
2018-02-05qdl: fix 'usage' message, add missing key 'debug'Kirill Kapranov
2018-02-02qdl: implement args processing with getopt_longNicolas Dechesne
2018-02-01firehose: Add missing xmlFreeDocKirill Kapranov
2017-11-30firehose: Don't truncate partitions to 0 sectorsNicolas Dechesne
2017-11-29program: Skip entries without a valid filenameBjorn Andersson
2017-11-29firehose: Negotiate max payload sizeBjorn Andersson
2017-11-28firehose: Read back max payload sizev1.0Bjorn Andersson
2017-11-28firehose: Don't pad partitions with zerosBjorn Andersson
2017-11-28firehose: Write max_payload_size chunks at a timeBjorn Andersson
2017-11-28firehose: Bump max payload size config parameterBjorn Andersson
2017-11-28firehose: Inform about flash speedBjorn Andersson