BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
erase-defaultmksdcard: erase partition when no file is to be flashedNicolas Dechesne4 months
masterdragonboard410c: make boot.img and rootfs.img optionalNicolas Dechesne5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-09-13dragonboard410c: make boot.img and rootfs.img optionalHEADmasterNicolas Dechesne
2017-09-13mksdcard: add support for optional fileNicolas Dechesne
2017-05-24dragonboard410c: linux: add rootfs and boot images in sdcardNicolas Dechesne
2017-05-05sd600eval: update partition description fileNicolas Dechesne
2017-05-04dragonboard410c: add sdcard.txt partitionNicolas Dechesne
2017-05-04dragonboard410c: update to new QCOM firmwareNicolas Dechesne
2017-03-17mkgpt: fix race conditionNicolas Dechesne
2017-03-17dragonboard410c: fix up android partition definitionsNicolas Dechesne
2017-03-16dragonboard410c: add aosp flavorNicolas Dechesne
2016-11-24dragonboard820c: add flashall scripts for linux bootNicolas Dechesne