BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
erase-defaultmksdcard: erase partition when no file is to be flashedNicolas Dechesne9 months
masterdragonboard820c: update partition tableNicolas Dechesne3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-03-02dragonboard820c: update partition tableHEADmasterNicolas Dechesne
2018-03-02dragonboard820c: add ufs provisioning for Toshiba partNicolas Dechesne
2017-12-21dragonboard410c: installer: increase size of rootfs partitionNicolas Dechesne
2017-12-01dragonboard820c: add rawprogram and patch XML filesNicolas Dechesne
2017-12-01mkgpt: add option to generate gpt_{main,backup,both}Nicolas Dechesne
2017-12-01rawprogram-sanitizer: add new toolNicolas Dechesne
2017-11-03dragonboard820c: SD boot uses different flavor of bootloadersNicolas Dechesne
2017-11-03dragonboard820c: rename sbc_1.0 -> sbc_1.0_8096Nicolas Dechesne
2017-09-13dragonboard410c: make boot.img and rootfs.img optionalNicolas Dechesne
2017-09-13mksdcard: add support for optional fileNicolas Dechesne