descriptionThe ARM Landing Team kernel tree for work in progress.
last changeMon, 8 Dec 2014 09:42:19 +0000 (09:42 +0000)

If you are looking for a kernel for Versatile Express, whether for TC2 or any other CoreTile, please use the linux-linaro branch, not any of those in this repository. That linux-linaro branch is where the ARM Landing Team's code is merged with other team's work and with bug fixes, and that is the code which is used in the daily snapshot builds and monthly official release.

Description of branches in this repository.

tracking-* Topic branches for latest Linux release, containing features and patches not yet in mainline.
previous-* Topic branches for the previous Linux release.
integration-linaro-vexpress linux-linaro-core-tracking with the topic branches merged in. This is the branch which is merged into linux-linaro.
integration-linux-vexpress Mainline Linux with the topic branches merged in.
integration-android-vexpress integration-linux-vexpress with Linaro's Androidisation branch merged in.
integration-ci-vexpress Branch used for some Continuous Integration test jobs. Usuallly a merge of every topic we're interested in.
integration-ubuntu-vexpress Branch used for Ubuntu packaging test jobs. Usually the same as integration-linux-vexpress branch.

Caution, all branches in this tree are subject to regular rebasing and reorganisation.

13 days ago  Jon MedhurstMerge branch 'tracking-armlt-juno-cpufreq' into integra... integration-ci-vexpress integration-linux-vexpress integration-linux-vexpress64
13 days ago  Jon MedhurstMerge branch 'tracking-armlt-juno' into integration...
13 days ago  Jon MedhurstMerge branch 'tracking-armlt-config64' into integration...
13 days ago  Jon MedhurstMerge branch 'tracking-armlt-arm64' into integration...
13 days ago  Jon MedhurstMerge branch 'tracking-armlt-gator' into integration...
13 days ago  Jon MedhurstMerge branch 'config-boards-tracking' of git://git...
13 days ago  Jon MedhurstMerge branch 'config-core-tracking' of git://git.linaro...
13 days ago  Filipe Rinaldiscpi: Increase the maximum number of DVFS OPPs tracking-armlt-juno-cpufreq
13 days ago  Filipe Rinaldiscpi: Add voltage on the DVFS Info command
13 days ago  Jon Medhurstmailbox: mhu: Update for new version of mailbox patches
13 days ago  Jon Medhurstmailbox: mhu: Replace use of devm_request_and_ioremap()
13 days ago  Jon Medhurstmailbox: Remove all message timeouts and block until...
13 days ago  Liviu Dudaumailbox: mhu: Acknowledge the interrupt only after...
13 days ago  Liviu Dudaumailbox: scpi: Free the mailbox channel when we fail...
13 days ago  Liviu Dudaumailbox: Pack SCPI structures used for messages.
13 days ago  Jon Medhurstarm64: topology: Use new name for SCHED_POWER_SHIFT
2 weeks ago v3.18 Linux 3.18
2 weeks ago v3.18-rc7 Linux 3.18-rc7
4 weeks ago v3.18-rc6 Linux 3.18-rc6
4 weeks ago v3.18-rc5 Linux 3.18-rc5
6 weeks ago v3.18-rc4 Linux 3.18-rc4
7 weeks ago v3.18-rc3 Linux 3.18-rc3
7 weeks ago gator-5.20.0
8 weeks ago v3.18-rc2 Linux 3.18-rc2
2 months ago v3.18-rc1 Linux 3.18-rc1
2 months ago v3.17-rc7 Linux 3.17-rc7
2 months ago v3.17-rc6 Linux 3.17-rc6
3 months ago v3.17-rc5 Linux 3.17-rc5
3 months ago v3.17-rc4 Linux 3.17-rc4
3 months ago v3.17-rc3 Linux 3.17-rc3
3 months ago v3.17-rc2 Linux 3.17-rc2
4 months ago v3.17-rc1 Linux 3.17-rc1
2 days ago integration-lsk-3.10-juno-android
2 days ago lsk-3.10-armlt-ipa
2 days ago lsk-3.10-armlt-drm-hdlcd
2 days ago lsk-3.10-armlt-mali
2 days ago lsk-3.10-armlt-tda998x
2 days ago lsk-3.10-armlt-juno-cpufreq
2 days ago lsk-3.10-armlt-scpi
2 days ago lsk-3.10-armlt-i2c
2 days ago lsk-3.10-armlt-atomic-dma-alloc
2 days ago lsk-3.10-armlt-juno-misc
12 days ago integration-linaro-vexpress64
13 days ago integration-ci-vexpress
13 days ago integration-linux-vexpress
13 days ago integration-linux-vexpress64
13 days ago tracking-armlt-juno-cpufreq
13 days ago tracking-armlt-juno